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What is „Handtufting"?

Just like the term says, there is no machine used over needle ingots, but a single hand led tuft pistol on a frame covered with carrier fabric. This method offers several advantages especially in designing: Independent from widths of a work, individual patterns in individual shapes are producable. There is no limitation to the count of processed colors.


Depending on the client's wishes, different virgin wool yarn qualities can be used. For example rough, fine or twistyarns are manufacturable. The density of the pile varies depending to its usage. The pile height of a classic velours carpet is set between approximantely 8 and 20 millimeters. Pile heights in sling carpets are made from 6 through 20 millimeters. In addition, relief structures or „carvings" can accent the entire concept individually or design-underlining. Also the usage of pile is an individual option. Choose from 100% pur virgin wool, 100% polyamide, 100% polyacryl (waterproof – suitable for dirt catching matts).


Mixes of materials are imaginable. Although hand tufted carpets are mostly used as rugs or area carpets in private environments, it is also possible to use them in hotel lobbies for example. Not rarely branded with a logo, its design is matching the interior of the entrance area. But of course completely floor-covering free shapes are possible.


„A handtufted carpet always is an absolute specimen."

The Mewes GmbH, with its more than thirty years of experience, is to be counted among the manufacturers of hand-tufted design carpets with the highest reputation all over Germany. Mewes exclusively manufactures unique carpets on clients' wishes. 14 skilled employees hand-tuft our carpets in all sizes, shapes and colors with highly sensitive hand-tuft pistols.


Wool, silk, cotton such as further special materials like viscose, longflax or exquisite worsted mixes of pure silk and wool are sensitvely crafted.

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